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Basic Information Starting Stats

At the start of the game, the key to the Warrior class is exploiting the Battle Tactics (detailed below). Starting off tankier than the other classes, the Warrior acts as a front line for the rest of the team. Damage output is rather low across multiple targets but War Cry (which slows enemies) and Power Slash (which knocks them back) can be combined to separate enemies very effectively.

The Warrior is heavily gear focused and relies on skilled timing of blocks (and the use of Aerial Slash and Whirlwind in late-game battles) to be used to full effect. In normal play, the Warrior acts as a distraction for the heavy hitting enemies on the field so the squishier Assassin and Sorcerer can focus on damage output. The Warrior's Aerial Slash skill (along with the Power Slash skill if the enemy is resistant to knockback) makes the Warrior an absolute terror on single targets, most notably bosses. During boss fights, the Warrior can, while soaking up most of the damage, put out tremendous amounts of his own damage.

A Warrior will ideally take as much defense as possible and leave multi-target damage to other classes.

Health Points:

Special Points:

Physical Resist:

Stun Resist:

Sleep Resist:

Poison Resist:

Energy Resist:

Ice Resist:

Fire Resist:











Early Game Late Game
Your first 3 Skill Points should be distributed as follows:
  • Toughness Skill.png Toughness (3)
  • Endurance Skill.png Endurance (0)
Block Skill.png
Blocking is an essential element to combat as the Warrior - be sure to incorporate it into your play-style
  • The starter skill Battle Tactics Skill.png Battle Tactics is a Passive Skill that adds two extra layers of complexity to a Warrior's block mechanic
    • 1) Timing your block properly will Counter Attack enemies, knocking them back with Critical Damage
    • 2) Blocking the same enemy twice will 'soft-target' them for automatic critical hits and make you invulnerable to their next successful (un-blocked) attack
  • Aerial Slash Skill.png Aerial Slash + Slaughter Skill.png Slaughter effectively make the Warrior the highest single-target dps class in the game
  • Aerial Slash Skill.png Aerial Slash has invincibility frames while the Warrior is jumping which can be effectively use as a timed defense move (like the Assassin's Dash mechanic)
  • If you have targeted an enemy through Battle Tactics Skill.png Battle Tactics (blocked them twice), then Whirlwind Skill.png Whirlwind is an effective skill to do rapid dps since that enemy will automatically miss their next attack


Basic Attack Skill.png
Basic Attack A basic attack which does not use SP and is capable of backstabbing.
Battle Tactics Skill.png
Battle Tactics [PASSIVE] Counter Attack enemies with timed-blocks. Block the same enemy twice to make them vulnerable to Critical Hits.
Resist Knockback Skill.png
Resist Knockback [PASSIVE] Immunity to the knockback effects of low-rank enemy attacks (lower than Gold ranked).
Block Skill.png
Block [HOLD BLOCK] Block enemy attacks. Defenses can be broken, but will recharge.
Tier I
Toughness Skill.png
Toughness [PASSIVE] Increase total Health Points.
Endurance Skill.png
Endurance [PASSIVE] Increase total Special Points.
Tier II
Charge Skill.png
Charge Charge towards enemies and stun them on collision. Long charges deal greater damage.
Power Slash Skill.png
Power Slash Hit multiple enemies and knock them back.
War Cry Skill.png
War Cry Heal self & allies. Nearby enemies are slowed, do less damage, and are Taunted. Taunted enemies sometimes miss attacks.
Tier III
Defender Skill.png
Defender [PASSIVE] Increase the number of blocks before defense is broken.
Improved Critical Skill.png
Improved Critical [PASSIVE] Increase chance to Critical Hit enemies.
Killing Blow Skill.png
Killing Blow [PASSIVE] Increase number of bonus hits during Critical Hits.
Tier IV
Resolve Skill.png
Resolve [PASSIVE] Increase Health Point regeneration rate.
Focus Skill.png
Focus [PASSIVE] Increase Special Point regeneration rate.
Fortitude Skill.png
Fortitude [PASSIVE] Increase all resistances (except Physical).
Tier V
Whirlwind Skill.png
Whirlwind Rapid spinning attack which hits all surrounding enemies.
Aerial Slash Skill.png
Aerial Slash Jump quickly towards enemies with a powerful strike. Invincible while mid-air.
Fighting Prowess Skill.png
Fighting Prowess [PASSIVE] Increase damage per hit and Resist Physical %.
Tier VI
Slaughter Skill.png
Slaughter [PASSIVE] See when enemies are near death and use Aerial Slash to execute a powerful finishing move.
Berserker Skill.png
Berserker [PASSIVE] Automatically Critical hit when Health Points are at or above 100%.
Riposte Skill.png
Riposte [PASSIVE] Counter Attacks (Battle Tactics) become easier to execute.