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  • All Quests are infinitely repeatable.
  • In multiplayer, the host may select a quest you have not completed all of the prerequisites for.
  • Quests are completed once the task is done. In other words, quests do not have to be "turned in" to the quest-giving NPC.

Main Story Quests

Desert Outpost
Cody NPC.png
Archaeologist Camp
Molly NPC.png
Temple Domenu
Neramaar NPC.png
Aaerin NPC.png
The Final Quest
Rowan NPC.png

Other Quests

  • Once per in-game day, the Miner Foreman "Gordy" can give you 1 random quest from the following list.
    • There is a campfire nearby that may be used to advance in-game days (to generate a new Mine Quest).
  • All of these quests are resolved in the Mines.
The Mines
Gordy NPC.png