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Combat Tips & Tricks

General Tips
  • The Awards Menu will tell you what kinds of Awards you can (and should) earn during combat
  • Earning Awards will increase the amount of Experience and Tokens you earn from each battle
  • Earning Awards also fills up the Soul Charge orb much quicker
Class-Specific Tips:

The Arena

Arena Crawl.png
  • The Arena counts as an outpost
  • Inside the Arena, you may do a number of activities:
    • Sell excess loot
    • Gamble on a "Luck Box" in the gambling area
    • Change Companions
    • Re-Spec your character or change characters
  • You may also spend a Soul Charge to take on The Crawl Challenge
    • The Crawl Challenge is an endless survival game mode within the world of Wanderlust Adventures
    • When beginning 'The Crawl', you will start at Round 1 (or Round 10 if you are on Epic Mode)
    • Next, you must survive 3 waves of enemies, with the final wave spawning a random, Renowned Mini-Boss
    • If you survive all 3 waves in the Round, a Treasure Chest will spawn

Soul Orbs

Soul Orb.png

Upon defeat - if you do not choose to Revive & Continue (requires a Soul Charge; details below) - your character will drop a Soul Orb containing a percentage of your current level experience

  • On Normal Difficulty, you drop up to 10% of your total current level experience
  • On Epic Difficulty, you drop 100% of your total current level experience

The location of your Soul Orb will be marked on your map

  • Travel back and recover your Soul Orb (simply by touching it) to recover lost experience
  • Be careful not to be defeated again, or your old Soul Orb will disappear and a new one will be created at your new death location; this will result in a permanent loss of experience!

Soul Charges

Soul Charge.png

Soul Charges are a team-earned currency which may be used to benefit the player(s) in a number of ways:

  • If defeated in combat, a Soul Charge may be used to immediately revive the player(s) and kill all enemies (except Bosses and Renowned Mini-Bosses)
  • The Crawl Challenge in The Arena requires the player(s) to spend a Soul Charge in order to enter it
  • There are also a number of shrines around the world that require a Soul Charge to be spent in order to activate them (details below)

Hunting Boards

Hunting Board.png

Hunting Boards are located in each of the 4 Regional Outposts

  • The party leader may access the Hunting Board to take a Kill Quest for an enemy monster which randomly spawns in the nearby region
  • Upon completing the Hunt, a Treasure Chest will spawn


  • Challenges can only be done once per a session.
  • They do not spawn every time the map is regenerated.
  • All challenges yield at least one Treasure Chest, some yield multiple ones.
  • If you fail a challenge you cannot reattempt it that session, so be prepared.
  • Specific challenges can only appear in their designated area.
  • Check the Challenges page for details on the recorded challenges.



Campfires can be found throughout the world and used to do two things:

  • Advance the passage of time
  • Access your Private Stash (normally only done in Hom Ron)




  • There are 5 total Warpstones to be found throughout the world
  • Activating a Warpstone will give you a quick-travel option from Hom Ron to the activated Warpstone
  • One Warpstone is at the entrance to the Arena. The other four are located as marked on the map below.

Waypoint Map.png


Skill Shrine.png

Skill Shrine

  • There are 15 total Skill Shrines hidden throughout the world
  • Every 3 shrines that you activate will award your character with a free Skill Point

Note: The following Shrines require 1 Soul Charge to activate...

Blood Shrine.png

Blood Shrine

  • These shrines are randomly spawned throughout the world, and put a "Rage" status on your character
  • They increase your character's damage by an amount equal to your current 'Hit Combo'
  • In addition to the large damage bonus, your character is immune to negative status effects
Angelic Shrine.png

Angelic Shrine

  • These shrines are randomly spawned throughout the world, and put a "Blessed" status on your character
  • Your character will have unlimited Special Points for the duration of this "Blessed" status
  • In addition to the SP bonus, your skills will "cool down" twice the normal rate
Challenge Shrine.png

Challenge Shrine

  • These shrines are randomly spawned throughout the world, and summon an ambush when activated
  • In addition to creating an ambush for the area you are in, a Renowned Mini-Boss will also appear
  • Completing this challenge will award you with 2 Treasure Chests (one from the ambush and one from the Renowned Mini-Boss)
Treasure Shrine.png

Treasure Shrine

  • These shrines are randomly spawned throughout the world, and summon an Treasure Chest when activated

Epic Difficulty

Epic Mode.png
  • Activate Epic Mode by lighting the torch in town
  • There is a maximum of 1 Soul Charge that can be earned on Epic Mode
  • When you reach LEVEL 25 with your character, go speak to Mother (Overgrowth).
  • Epic Mode is the only way to get Orange Blacksmith Blueprint drops and Orange Jeweler Design drops
    • Arena Trophies are a necessary material to craft Epic Gear and can only be found in The Arena (Crawl Challenge)
  • Resist Physical % is a far more important item power than Damage Reduction
  • All enemies are much more deadly in Epic Mode, particularly the leaders and Renowned Mini-Bosses
    • It is recommended that you kill minion enemies before fighting leaders/bosses