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Enemies in Wanderlust Adventures have varying stats, and get more difficult depending on the areas you are in. They may have a skull icon above them signifying they are a leader, or an orange Skull Icon WikiIcon RareSkull.png signifying that they are a Renowned Mini-Boss. Both are simply upgraded versions of their counterpart, but Renowned Enemies have a random aura that benefits them and their nearby allies.

Desert Enemies

Bandit - Simple enemy that will melee you. Can Block.

Bandit Alchemist - Melee Attack. Drops an explosive potion as a defensive move. Charge Move: Invisibility Potion.

Bandit Fire Tosser - Throws a fire potion capable of burning. Fire Aura Skill.png

Brown Bear - Strong melee enemy, will hit up to two or three times.

Dire wolf - A slightly stronger version of a dog.

Dog - Low damaging and low HP enemy.

Dread Pod - WikiIcon RareSkull.png Will shoot out spikes in a circle twice, then open itself up for attacks.

Sandshark - [Night] Will charge in your direction, stunned at the end of charge.

Bandit Bush - [Night] A bush filled with random bandits. They are all invisible until they attack.

Barren Enemies

Bandit Fire Tosser - Throws a fire potion capable of burning. Fire Aura Skill.png

Bandit Ice Tosser - Throws a ice potion capable of freezing. Ice Aura Skill.png

Bandit Marksman - Fires out bullets, sometimes in a cone. Charge Move: Burning Sniper Shot.

Bandit Thug - Dashes, throws all three potions. Can Block. Charge Move: Invisibility Potion. Ice Aura Skill.png

Creep - [Night] Throws a bone that splits into four on impact.

Scorpion - WikiIcon RareSkull.png Charges before attacking, strong enemy. Charge Move: One-shot kill tail attack.

Stone Guardian - WikiIcon RareSkull.png Casts Fireball and Rock Ward. Charge Move: Meteor Spell. Meteor Skill.png

Desolate Enemies

Blood Slime - Does more damage the more it hits.

Cursed Skelebone - Melee attacks, may blind on hit.

Ghost - [Night] Using melee attacks staying invisible until near. Drains SP at close range.

Ghoul - [Night] Slow, high damaging, tanky enemy.

Imp - WikiIcon RareSkull.png Casts a variety of electric spells. Charge Move: Chain Lightning Spell. Shock Skill.png

Skelebone - Basic melee skeleton.

Skelebone Archer - Basic ranged skeleton.

Skelebone Warrior - Same as the Skelebone, with more HP. Can Block.

Overgrowth Enemies

Blood Plant - WikiIcon RareSkull.png [Night] Circular Melee Attack that shoots out thorn projectiles.

Druid - WikiIcon RareSkull.png Casts Spike and Rock Ward. Charge Move: Meteor Spell. Meteor Skill.png

Forest Spider - Melee attack, may shoot out slow web ball projectiles.

Goblin Shaman - [Night] Knockback aoe attack, revives?

Goblin Mage - [Night] Shoots firebolts every so often.

Goblin Warrior - [Night] Basic melee attacks. Can Block.

Goblin Bush - [Night] A bush filled with random goblins. They are all invisible until they attack.

Golem - Throws exploding rock boulders.

Shroomer - Melee attack with a chance to create a Poison cloud.

Swarm - Goes invisible while moving. Minor Poison.

Treant - WikiIcon RareSkull.png Area of effect attack that shoots out Earth Spikes. Spike Skill.png

Widow Spider - WikiIcon RareSkull.png [Night] Evidenced by webbing spread throughout the map, which slows on touch. Poison. Stuns on Epic.

Mountains and Lich Tower Enemies

Hell Archer - Ranged attack with chance to set on fire. Fire Aura Skill.png

Hell Knight - Melee attack with chance to set on fire. Can Block. Fire Aura Skill.png

Hell Boar - Charge attack. Leaves a trail of fire. Fire Aura Skill.png

Bone Pillar - WikiIcon RareSkull.png Has a damaging aura surrounding it. Can revive allies. Revive can be interrupted with 6 hits.

Mummy - Ranged attack with chance to stun.

Skelebone Assassin - Dash attack. Poisons. Spawns invisible on Epic Difficulty.

Undead Golem - WikiIcon RareSkull.png - Deadly melee attack, causing stun.

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