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There are 15 total dungeons in Wanderlust Adventures.

Two of these dungeons - 'A Familiar Crevice' and 'The Crypts' - are rare, as they have a small chance to appear each time you start a new game.

Desert Dungeons

Bandit Den Dungeon.png Smelly Cave Dungeon.png Abandoned House Dungeon.png Familiar Crevice Dungeon.png

Bandit Cave (Quest Restricted) > Boss: Barbuda

Smelly Cave > Boss: Grizzly Bear

An Abandoned House > Boss: Slurge

A Familiar Crevice (RARE) > Boss: No Boss Encounter

Barrens Dungeons

Daimera Dungeon.png Mines Dungeon.png Temple Dungeon.png

The Daimera (Bandit Boat) > Boss: Renowned Bandit Marksman & Renowned Bandit Thug

The Mines > Boss: Crystalis or 2x Renowned Goblin Shaman or Goblin Bomber Ambush

The Temple of King Ra'Bak > Boss: Colossus

Desolates Dungeons

Catacombs Dungeon.png Crypts Dungeon.png

The Catacombs (Quest Restricted) > Boss: Blood Golem

The Crypts (RARE) > Boss: Ancient Knight

Overgrowth Dungeons

Ooze Cave Dungeon.png Forgotten Passage Dungeon.png Anomaly Dungeon.png Underwood Dungeon.png

The Ooze Cave > Boss: Giga Slime

The Forgotten Passage > Boss: No Boss Encounter

The Anomaly (Quest Restricted) > Boss: Mind Blight

The Underwood > Boss: No Boss Encounter

Mountains Dungeons

Portal Dungeon.pngLich Dungeon.png

The Portal > Boss: The Watcher

The Lich Tower > Boss: The Lich