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Basic Information Starting Stats
The Crusader is possibly the most new-player friendly class available. The Crusader begins with healing abilities and will continue to upgrade those healing abilities throughout the adventure. This class is the medic of Wanderlust: Adventures and truly focuses on support. A talented Crusader will skill heavily into healing, however a master of the Crusader will balance between necessary healing and utility support skills, such as Divine Blade. The Crusader may act as a supporting Warrior, as the Crusader is also naturally tanky and has fantastic sustainability. With practice, a skilled Crusader may also be able to put out high single target damage as well as excellent crowd control. However, a supportive Crusader is usually more desired than an offensive Crusader.

Health Points:

Special Points:

Physical Resist:

Stun Resist:

Sleep Resist:

Poison Resist:

Energy Resist:

Ice Resist:

Fire Resist:











Early Game Late Game
Your first 3 Skill Points should be distributed as follows:
  • Toughness Skill.png Toughness (2)
  • Endurance Skill.png Endurance (1)


Basic Attack Skill.png
Basic Attack A basic attack which does not use SP and is capable of backstabbing.
Wrath Skill.png
Wrath [PASSIVE] Hit an enemy 3 times to lower their Holy Resist to 0 for the next 3 hits.
Block Skill.png
Block [HOLD BLOCK] Block enemy attacks. Defenses can be broken, but will recharge.
Tier I
Toughness Skill.png
Toughness [PASSIVE] Increase total Health Points.
Endurance Skill.png
Endurance [PASSIVE] Increase total Special Points.
Tier II
Angel Breath Skill.png
Angel Breath Breathe a cone of holy power. Damage enemies and heal allies within the cone.
Sanctuary Skill.png
Sanctuary Repel and damage nearby enemies with a holy burst.
Tier III
Healing Aura Skill.png
Healing Aura [PASSIVE] Continually heal HP of yourself and nearby allies.
Divine Hammer Skill.png
Divine Hammer Throw a blessed holy hammer that passes through enemies and allies, damaging and healing them, respectively.
Tier IV
Resolve Skill.png
Resolve [PASSIVE] Increase Health Point regeneration rate.
Focus Skill.png
Focus [PASSIVE] Increase Special Point regeneration rate.
Fortitude Skill.png
Fortitude [PASSIVE] Increase all resistances (except Physical).
Tier V
Blessed Touch Skill.png
Blessed Touch You and nearby allies get a massive boost to both HP and SP. Negative status effects are purged.
Holy Shield Skill.png
Holy Shield Create a temporary, impenetrable force around yourself and nearby allies.
Guardian skill.png
Guardian [PASSIVE] Call upon a heavenly protector to assist in battle.
Tier VI
Ressurect Skill.png
Resurrect [PASSIVE] Blessed Touch will now completely revive nearby fallen allies.
Divine Blade Skill.png
Divine Blade [PASSIVE] Increase all damage dealt by yourself and nearby allies.