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Classes are the character types in Wanderlust Adventures. Character class determines the skills each character can use. Every time a player creates a new character, the character must be of one of the four classes:

Warrior.png Assassin.png Crusader.png Sorcerer.png
Warrior Assassin Crusader Sorcerer

Each class has a different set of skills to specialize in, making specific classes better at certain tasks and making a well-rounded team a team that uses each classes specific skills to their fullest potential. Click on a class to view the skills for that class.

Charge Skill.png Warrior

"The best melee class. A strong defender. May also deal the most damage to a single target. Beginner to Expert Challenge."

Ninja Star Skill.png Assassin

"Strong crowd-control and strategic class. Able to dash through enemies, throw various potions, and deal major backstab damage. Expert Challenge."

Divine Hammer Skill.png Crusader

"The best support class. Healing and enhancement abilities. Extra damage against evil and undead enemies. Veteran to Expert Challenge."

Meteor Skill.png Sorcerer

"Precision ranged class. Strong offense but weak defense. Combine proper elements to deal critical damage. Beginner to Expert Challenge."