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Award Guide

1. Awards can be earned during every battle.
2. Earning multiple awards may lead to Combat Multipliers.
3. Combat Multipliers apply to both Experience and Tokens gained in battle.
Style Awards
Killer Award.png
Killer Kill 3 enemies within 3 seconds.
Slayer Award.png
Slayer Kill 6 enemies within 6 seconds.
Destroyer Award.png
Destroyer Kill 9 enemies within 7 seconds.
Tactician Award.png
Tactician Damage 5 different enemies within 2 seconds.
Tactician Plus Award.png
Tactician Plus Damage 8 different enemies within 2 seconds.
Combo 50 Award.png
Combo 50 Attain a 50 hit combo.
Combo 100 Award.png
Combo 100 Attain a 100 hit combo.
Combo 200 Award.png
Combo 200 Attain a 200 hit combo.
Stunner Award.png
Stunner Kill an immobilized enemy.
Assassin Award.png
Assassin Kill an enemy from behind.
Invincible Award.png
Invincible Survive a battle without being hurt.
Fighting Prowess Award.png
Fighting Prowess Kill an enemy with a Counter or Slaughter attack.
Element Mastery Award.png
Element Mastery Kill an enemy with its elemental weakness.
Assist Award.png
Assist Have an active enchantment on a player who earned an award.
Companion Award.png
Companion Use Healing Aura to keep a player at full health during a combo.
Savior Award.png
Savior Resurrect a dead player.
Soul Edge Award.png
Soul Edge Possess an unused Soul Charge through a battle.
Defeat Award.png
Defeat Be defeated in battle.